United Spectrographics is unsurpassed in providing the most thorough infrared inspections and comprehensive reports available.

Older Facilities

Failure occurs in equipment as a function of age. Time and use loosen and weaken transformer connections, bus work, lead connections, disconnect components, fuse holders, and molded case breaker internal contacts.

After approximately sixteen years of use the possibility of electrical equipment failure increases at an ever-increasing rate.

If a facility's electrical equipment is fifteen plus years old and/or is experiencing early signs of aging (occasional electrical switchgear failure), it is an ideal prospect to benefit from infrared scanning.

New Facilities

In a new facility (less than a year old) or one that has had significant switchgear replacement, we can help to eliminate initial operation down-time caused by faulty new electrical equipment and loose connections made by installation electricians.

In a business where finding and reporting just one significant fault can amount to one less injured employee and/or many thousands of dollars saved in unscheduled down-time and equipment replacement cost, employing the highest quality service provider is paramount.