United Spectrographics' electrical equipment, infrared scanning service has the ability to reduce your facility's unscheduled down-time and improve its safety.

Reduces losses from unscheduled down-time

For over twenty years infrared scanning has proved remarkably successful in economically locating faulty connections, poor contacts, phase imbalances and overload conditions in electrical equipment.

By effectively documenting fault locations and fault intensities in electrical equipment, our customers can monitor the need for repairs and when necessary, schedule repairs that prevent financial loss due to unanticipated equipment failure.

Improves plant safety

High voltage switchgear faulting to ground, or phase-to-phase, can produce explosive force with intense heat. Maintenance personnel, equipment operators, and persons simply in the vicinity of these events can be seriously burned and/or injured.

By reducing failures in high voltage electrical equipment, infrared scanning reduces a potentially serious risk to your facility's personnel.

Look at the applications for both old and new facilities.